Specialized shop deals in vintage masterpiece cameras and lenses.
We feel very happy when our customers are pleased with our items and services.

2001 Flashback Camera Started
2008 Corporation Registered
2015 Moved from Akihabara to Nagareyama city

Camera and lens have been developed since early 19th century, even now.
We provide good conditioned items with correct function and original condition at that time.
Flashback Camera will hand vintage and cultural assets over to future generations.
This is our mission.


We are very particular about originality and condition of camera, lens, and accessory.
And most of items we sell on our shop and website are serviced in order to let the items work properly.
It takes time but this process is very important to make customers satisfied and make ourselves confident.
We deal in only items which we would like to have and use.
If you are looking for some items, please contact us.
We have a global network, good relationships with customers, dealers, and collectors in globe.
We are always welcome!