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Manufactured by Konica. Limted edition. 2001pcs produced in 2001. Comes with M-Hexanon 50mm f1.2 Konica KM mount comatible to Leica M mount. Automatic wind and rewind. AE shutter. Faint signs of use. Good for collection. Rangefinder adjusted in September 2021. Good working condition. Clear viewfinder. Faint paint off found on camera yet still beautiful...
93% B

Konica Hexar RF. Debuted in 1999. Leica M mount. Interchangeable camera with rangefinder. AE system installed. Full automatic body including wind and rewind, except for manual focus. 1/4000 speed shutter. Almost New Condition. Rangefinder adjusted in May 2021. Good working condition. No signs of use. Very faint signs of use on lens mount. Clear view finder.
96% Mint

Konishiroku Pearl IV (Final version) 645 medium format camera. Made in 1958. Fully serviced in June 2018. Some cleaning marks at the front elemnt of the glass. Consignment sale.
92% B

Pre-war model. Made by Rokuoh-sha (Konishiroku/Konica). 127mm film. Very good condition as its age.