Summicron 50mm f2 (M) Black

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Current model or easy to find.
★★ Can be found with some efforts.
★★★ Not easy to find. Once 1~2 months.
★★★★ Rare item. Once a year(it depends on shops).
★★★★★ Super Rare. Once 5~10 years or more (it depends on shops).
11817. Manufactured in 1970. 2nd generation Summicron 50mm f2 Made in Germany. 6 elements in 5 groups. Closest distance is 0.7m
Compact and light lens weighs only 200g. E39 filter size. 12585 hood and 12538 compatible.
Very faint signs of use only. Clean barrel.
Fully serviced in Apr 2023. Excellent working condition. Coupling with rangefinder.
Slight deterioration on front element seen under strong LED light. Faint taces of fungus on inner and rear element. No noticeable effect on pictures. No haze.
Comes with serial numbers matching box and documents. Good for collection as well.
Leica M
cap, plastic case, guarantee card, box.
93% B
Fully serviced
6 months warranty
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