Xenon 50mm f1.5 (L)



Current model or easy to find.
★★ Can be found with some efforts.
★★★ Not easy to find. Once 1~2 months.
★★★★ Rare item. Once a year(it depends on shops).
★★★★★ Super Rare. Once 5~10 years or more (it depends on shops).
XEMOO. Manufactured in 1936. One of the 136 pcs produced in the debut year. Leitz's large diameter fast lens of prewar era. Produced by Shneider. Around 6,000 pcs. With 2 knurled rings on helicoid ring. Hexagonal aperture. 7 elements in 5 groups. Originally no coating. f9 maximum aperture. Meter scale. Soft but clear picture at full open. Coated elements by Leitz after years.
Signs of use on barrel. Slight plating peels on front edge. Yet still good conditioned Xenon. Over 85 years passed. No dents.
Fully serviced in Sep 2022. Excellent workig condition. Coupling with rangefinder.
Slight cleaning marks and deterioration of glass on front element yet still in good conditioned one. Many Xenons are well-used and with heavy cleaning marks on front and rear element.
Leica L
93% B
Fully serviced
6 months warranty