Thambar 90mm f2.2 (L)



Current model or easy to find.
★★ Can be found with some efforts.
★★★ Not easy to find. Once 1~2 months.
★★★★ Rare item. Once a year(it depends on shops).
★★★★★ Super Rare. Once 5~10 years or more (it depends on shops).
TOODY. Master piece telephoto lens Thambar debuted in 1935. This lens is made in 1934 and seems to be very early type. In Black/Chrome. E48. Feet scale.
Thambar is the only soft focus lens produced by Leitz. Several years ago, Leica Camera AG reproduced. When use in portrait photography as soft focus lens, special filter to be set and use red-painted f-numbers. Without the filter, use white-painted f-numbers. Comes with Nikon-F adapter by detaching lens head and putting on it.
Just came back from customer after careful use for 4 years. The adapter for Nikon F was converted from a 16462 helicoid for Visoflex. Some paint peels on barrel, yet still clean and relatively beautiful condition as its age. Fully serviced in 2018 including focus adjustment. Clear elements with less cleaning marks than usual. Helicoid and apeture move very smoothly.
Leica L
hood, filter, caps, Nikon F adapter.
93% B
6 months warranty