Summilux 35mm f1.4 (M) Chrome



Current model or easy to find.
★★ Can be found with some efforts.
★★★ Not easy to find. Once 1~2 months.
★★★★ Rare item. Once a year(it depends on shops).
★★★★★ Super Rare. Once 5~10 years or more (it depends on shops).
OCLUX / 11870. The 1st model of Summilux 35mm f1.4 designed by Walter Mandler. Debuted at Photokina in 1960 as the world fastest wide angle lens for 35mm film photography. Very early model made in 1960 by Canada Leitz. Called Steel Rim. E41 filter size. At full open, soft and beautiful picture available. Picture will be getting sharper and clearer as aperture closes. Very good looks with OLLUX hood.
Fully serviced in Mar 2022. Quite distinct maintenance quality. Excellent working condition. Infinity stopper slides in so smoothly. Coupling with rangefinder. Very faint trace of fungus on back of rear element can be identified when illuminated by very strong LED light. It cannot be removed even by professional maintenance without getting rid of coating or polishing(it will ruin its original condition). No noticeable signs of use on barrel. Comes with our original front lens cap specially designed for Steel rim, FB-05.
Leica M
copy caps.
94% A
Fully serviced
6 months warranty