Leica A + Leica A / DIII Set

(exc tax¥800,000)


Current model or easy to find.
★★ Can be found with some efforts.
★★★ Not easy to find. Once 1~2 months.
★★★★ Rare item. Once a year(it depends on shops).
★★★★★ Super Rare. Once 5~10 years or more (it depends on shops).
Leica I (Model A) and Leica III(Model F, converted from Model A). Consecutive numbers, 3575 and 3576.
Manufactured in 1927. The two camera must have been in line with each other. Leica I no.3576 is on sale at our shop at 7th time. The privious owner had Leica III no.3575 and found Leica I no.3575 on our website. Then he/she bought it.
No.3575 is a Leica III upgraded from Leica I by Leitz factory. Comes with Elmar 50mm f3.5 early. Pale purple coating. Meter scale.
No.3576 with with feathered arrow on wind and rewind knobs. Early close focusing Elmar. Mushroom shutter release button. Feet scale on lens and HFOOK rangefinder.
The two camera set, met in the first time in 95 years.
Used condition but handled with care for a long time. No major damage. Good atmosphere. Comes with 2 genuine lens caps.

Model III has two faint dents on top cover. Shutter cleaned and adjusted, rangefinder adjusted in Dec 2022. Lens fully serviced. Coupling with rangefinder very well. Excellent working condition. Faint cleaning marks on front element. No haze. Clear elements.

Model A and HFOOK rangefinder serviced in 2019. Lens elements are very clean without haze or cleaning marks. Mushroom release type requires to keep pushing the button while rewinding film.
Elmar 50mm f3.5 Early
Leica L
HFOOK rangefinder, caps.
92% B
6 months warranty
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