Rarity filter


Manufacutred around 1964 - 1965. Half size camera. 135 film. Zuiko-W 25mm f2.8 wide angle lens. Black painted on brass. Used condition and good atmosphere. Good working condition. Used condition and looks so cool with paint peels. A crack found on film counter cover. Two waint dents on base plate. Faint deterioration of coating. No haze.
92% B

Released in 1964. Half-frame EE camera. Made by Fujifilm. This silver model is for domestic sales in Japan. Serviced. Finder is cleaned. Original box is damaged, yet the other accessaries are clean. Slight used marks only and very clean condition. With warranty card, manual etc. Good for collection.
94 % A

@RARE@ Made in 1954. Large-aperture Fujinar 83mm. Full automat. Fray on the case and the yellow filter has a little fungus. The body has a little damage on the plating, yet still quite good condition.

Half-framed EE camera, released in 1964. Targeted on women, however the black paint was magnet for men! Fixed shutter speed on 1/125 and focusing is also fixed. Film speed is shown with gems. Ex. Yellow gem is for ASA 100. This black paint is very rare + all the accessories are belonging. We are probably not possible to see such a beautiful set never...